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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing Games

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who've been married 10+ years & you still have that romantic & sexy little spark to your marriage. Maybe you've been together less than a few years but it seems the spark is flickering out. Either way here are a few ideas I've found from various places online to hopefully help you rekindle that dying flame or to help you put your already roaring flame into over drive!! No matter what your situation these sexy little games are sure to have you & your partner setting up your very own "Play Dates" on a regular basis! Best of all these are games that you & your partner can play with common items that you most likely already have around the house, no need to go purchase those pricey adult games!

Again these are some of my favorite romantic/sexy game suggestions I've found while browsing the web, none are my own personal ideas, I take no credit for these.


A Romantic Cure!

Take an empty aspirin bottle, and give label it, "Romance Medicine - take as needed."
Then write 50 or so love notes and sexy ideas that could be taken anytime that a cure is needed!


Always Win Poker

Invite your partner to play a game of poker. Take notepaper and rip ten or more pieces of paper. Tell your partner to write down things they want to do or not have to do and make them neutral so that the opposing partner can use them as well. Play poker and gamble using the strips of paper for ante. Do not look at which ones you use just ante up. Play for a set time; 1 hour is good. You both will end up with some of each other's papers. Keep and use the notes whenever you like. Ideas can be anything from sexual favors, massage time, shopping time, romance letter or time, chores, cuddle time, etc. Have fun!



Change the game of Monopoly. Change boardwalk into back rub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss, etc.


Romantic Word Scrabble Game

Play like normal except only words that are romantic can be used.
If you are questioned about the "romantic-ness" of the word you used, prove its romantic value by using it in a sentence. That part alone is half the fun!


The Erotic Alphabet Game

One person starts with the letter "A" and has to kiss a body part on the other person beginning with that letter. The other person starts with "B" and so on and so on. Some of those letters get awfully tricky, but you will be amused by what your lover will think of for a letter. It's very fun, and by the time you get to "Z" ( if you do ) you just might want to play again.


Erotic Game of Love Cards

Take a deck of 52 cards. Assign each card a thing to do. For example, Aces get a kiss. Shuffle the deck and spread the cards out. You and your partner take turns drawing cards. Whatever the card says to do, your lover must do.
Be creative with your ideas! Have fun!


Strip Checkers

First both you and your mate write down a fantasy of yours on a slip of paper.
Make sure that each of you is only wearing 4 items of clothing. Woman: shirt, bra, panties, and pants. Man: shirt, undershirt, boxers, and pants. Then play normal checkers. But when you jump one of you lover's pieces you take off one of their pieces of clothing until both of you are naked. Next (once you are both naked) if you jump one of your lover's pieces you chose something to do to them or chose something for them to do to you. The game goes until one of you wins and the person that wins gets their fantasy to be a reality. This is perfect for making up or rekindling your love life.


Sexy Truth Or Dare

I don't really think this one needs any explanation, except for the obvious point of staying away from anything that's happened in the past NOT related to your current partner, otherwise it could cause some unwanted results even if you think yourself or your partner aren't the jealous type. No one wants to hear about past sexual romps that don't involve them! So maybe change it up a bit, instead of asking "Have you ever had sex in the backseat of a car..." try asking "Would you ever have sex with me in the backseat of our car at midnight while the kids are sleeping?"...
And well, I'll leave the dares up to your own imagination!!


And last but not least, I found a really interesting article...
That to me was actually a little more amusing than perhaps it should have been. You can read it HERE!!! This isn't a sexy game but it's something someone out there might consider a good time! This article's not for the shy, timid, faint of heart, missionary only mommy...
But if any of those described YOU, chances are you wouldn't even be reading this blog in the first place, right!?!


Please feel free to leave your own tips, tricks & sexy game suggestions in the comments, we'd love to know how you keep the spark alive in your love life!!

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